CNA Career Success Stories: Susan L.

Posted on: July 17, 2018 | by: Scrubs Academy September 17, 2018

Susan L., Comfort Keepers CNA Career Success

Susan L. was a student at the Scrubs Academy nursing assistant training program. She is now a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) with Comfort Keepers, which directly paid for her training with Scrubs Academy.


Susan’s Motivation

Susan was a hairdresser and a small business owner. She ran her own salon for ten years and managed two other salons for another 15 years. She loved working with people and learning new things. She originally got into caregiving when a friend asked her to consider helping someone out, providing company, cooking, and cleaning. Her second experience came with her father-in-law when his Alzheimer’s became worse.

She loves the feeling of helping people stay in there home, where they want to be. So she wanted to learn more about how to help people and begin to do it professionally.


Susan’s CNA Training

Susan found Scrubs Academy online and read about the 12-day training program. She also found through our Financial Assistance page that a local care provider, Comfort Keepers, would pay for her training if she chose to work with them after she was certified.

The class schedule was clear and consistent for Susan and made it convenient to get her certification.


Susan’s CNA Career Experience

Susan has had her CNA career with Comfort Keepers for a few years now. She enjoys helping people with their daily care and making them feel safe and comfortable. One of the biggest perks for her job is talking to her patients and getting to know them. She loves hearing their stories and helping them reminisce.

Susan L, CNA Caregiver with Comfort Keepers
Susan L, CNA Caregiver with Comfort Keepers


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“I loved the hybrid learning model at Scrubs Academy. The on-line learning gave me flexibility to complete the training on my own schedule. Our instructor made the in-person clinical training a fun learning experience. It gave me a jump start towards my nursing career. Thank you Scrubs Academy”

McKenzie T.
Scrubs Academy Student