Get answers to all of your questions about becoming a certified nursing assistant through Scrubs Academy. Our CNA FAQ is comprehensive and helpful. Get in touch with any additional questions.

1. Will I pass the criminal background check and fingerprinting?

Students need to pass a background study from the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Please visit this website if you have questions about background checks.

2. If I have my cell phone put away what happens in an emergency?

If family or friends need to contact you during school hours please have them contact (320) 281-2980 or  (320) 230-9939. Please see attendance policy for further details.

3. Can I bring my own lunch?

Yes. There is a kitchen, refrigerator, microwave, table and chairs for your convenience.

4. How long does my certified nursing assistant certificate last?

To keep your Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certificate current you are required to submit documentation of paid employment once every two years. You must perform independently at least eight (8) hours of paid nursing assistant duties every 24 months to stay on the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry. A lapse in employment over 24 months will result in an expired status on the Registry. Tasks must be similar to those performed in a nursing home.

5. What if I don’t pass the tests?

Classroom Written Tests: Unit tests must each receive a minimum passing score of 80%.  Each student is allowed 2 retakes per unit test. A passing retake score ranges from 80%-100% but because the test is a retake the unit test scores will be recorded at 80%. Therefore, the highest score allowed to be recorded on a retake is 80%.

Lab: Lab testing consists of critical and non-critical step skills. Passing scores of lab skills range from 80%-100%.  In addition, all bolded steps require completion to pass skills assessments at a satisfactory level.

Test Out: The facility may be required to reimburse the nursing assistant for the cost of NATO (Nursing Assistant Test Out) and up to two retakes. If after three attempts a student does not pass, the student must retake the nursing assistant course.


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“I loved the hybrid learning model at Scrubs Academy. The on-line learning gave me flexibility to complete the training on my own schedule. Our instructor made the unperson clinical training a fun learning experience. It gave me a jump start towards my nursing career. Thank you Scrubs Academy”

McKenzie T.
Scrubs Academy Student